About us.

ComplyCloud wishes to make it easy for companies to comply with the GDPR and to reduce the administrative burden that follows from ongoing control and updates. Our mission is to make it easy to become and remain GDPR-compliant. 

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Our team

Martin Vasehus

CEO, founder and it attorney
+45 52 30 75 97

Martin is an IT lawyer with 7+ years of experience from a tier 1 Danish law firm. He has specialist knowledge in data protection law and GDPR-compliance as well as matters in IT and technology law. 

Hans Peter Vith

CTO and co-founder
+45 20 86 60 99

Hans Peter is a Full-Stack senior developer with a focus on Back-End and digital business development. He has 20+ years of advisory experience in the digital industry .

Annette Fjøs

Head of sales and marketing
+45 22 63 11 28

Annette has several years of experience in marketing, communication and sales with a special focus on strong customer relationships and good customer communication. 

Tobias Løager Andersen

Assistant attorney
+45 31 39 20 25

Tobias is an assistant attorney-at-law and contributes with the legal content in the solution and onboarding of new customers, among other things. Tobias has good experience with GDPR compliance and IT law issues from previous positions. 

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Laura Kring Mortensen

Assistant attorney
+45 22 72 44 36

Laura is an assistant attorney-at-law and contributes with the legal content in the solution and onboarding of new customers, among other things. Laura has experience with legal challenges from previous position in the National Police of Denmark.  

Jakob Krabbe

Jakob Krabbe

Legal consultant
+45 35 25 90 73

Jakob is a law student and has experience with IT law, human rights law, constitutional law, EU law, administrative law etc. from his previous position in the judicial think tank Justitia.

Lars Pedersen

Senior Backend developer

Lars is a senior Full-Stack developer with a main focus on back-end systems and large experience in modular applications. 

Alexander Bach Køppen frontend udvikler team ComplyCloud

Alexander Bach Køppen

Frontend developer

Alexander has several years of experience in web development and design of user interface and intuitive technologies.

Lynn Phan Asmussen

Junior frontend developer

Lynn is an illustrator, multimedia designer and web developer with a passion for intuitive design. 

Mathias Andersen


Mathias studies pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen and helps the IT department with testing the ComplyCloud application. 


Job at ComplyCloud?
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You are welcome to send us your application and CV if you would like to become part of a strong team. 

Board of Directors.

Chairman of the Board
Søren Vasehus Madsen 

External consultant and board member, COO at Beta Re and C-level experience from international reinsurance and insurance sector.

Board member
Henrik Udsen

Member of the Danish Data Council, Dr.jur. and Law Professor and Director for Centre for Information and Innovation Law at University of Copenhagen.

Board member
Torben Kjær

CIO at Aller Media A/S and Experienced CIO and IT and innovation leader, named CIO of the year 2017 by Computerworld, IDG and Dansk IT.

Become a sales partner.

ComplyCloud collaborates with various consultants and consulting services who wish to offer an easy GDPR solution to their customers.

If you would like to hear more about ComplyCloud’s sales partner program and the opportunities that your company will get with our various partner solutions, please contact us.

Contact us.

Please contact us if you wish to become a sales partner. 

  • Annette Fjøs
  • af@complycloud.com
  • +45 22 63 11 28

Do you want further legal services?

ComplyCloud is affiliated to CIT Law Firm, which also offers legal support concerning personal data and GDPR compliance and IT-related matters.