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License prices from: 15,000 DKK pr. year.

As a customer you will gain access to a complete document package, an automated annual cycle of work, legal support and we participate free of charge at the Danish Data Protection Agency’s supervision

Although we have made the documentation as easy and simple as possible for our users, our legal team offers to prepare drafts for all necessary documentation. 

With this opportunity, we offer new customers a quick, easy and inexpensive implementation.

Full implementation from: 2,500 DKK.

If you have already had your company’s documentation prepared it does not have to be wasted work to switch to ComplyCloud. We offer to implement the customer’s existing documentation into the solution, after which it is  easily operated in the solution in order for the automatic control to be made “on the top” of already prepared documentation.

Full implementation from: 2,500 DKK.

License prices for startup companies from: 5,000 DKK.

We cooperate with various business associations and member organizations, after which we can give a discount on the annual license to member companies.

We have entered into agreements with the following:

Danske Advokater
Danske Anlægsgartnere

Contact us to hear more about the specific agreement or if you as an industry- and member association want to hear more about your opportunities for cooperation. 

All customers have tickets for online legal support with our legal team included in their subscription. You can always choose to renew the amount of tickets if you need more.

6 tickets: 3,000 DKK

A ticket corresponds to 30 minutes legal support. You will always be made aware of the expected number of tickets your request is expected to cost.

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Underskriv GDPR dokumenter og databehandleraftaler med NemId og eSignering

Legal support.

Do you need legal advice concerning the GDPR?
As a customer, you have a clip card for free legal support. Contact us at:

Generel support.

Are you having difficulties on the platform or are you stuck? Contact us and we will fix the issue quickly.  Write to:

Do you want further legal services?

ComplyCloud is affiliated to CIT Law Firm, which also offers legal support concerning personal data and GDPR compliance and IT-related matters.

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Automatiseret juridisk dokumentation med ComplyCloud's GDPR software

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ComplyCloud collaborates with various consultants and consulting services who wish to offer an easy GDPR solution to their customers.

If you would like to hear more about ComplyCloud’s sales partner program and the opportunities that your company will get with our various partner solutions, please contact us.

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