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Data processors

Keep control quick and easily

As a data controller and data processor, you are required to keep control of all data processors and subprocessors. With ComplyCloud's solution, it is easy, fast and safe for the data controlling company to do so.

A digital questionnaire sent to the data processor will keep control of the data processor's processing of personal data.

ComplyCloud analyzes the responses and gathers the results in a report that the data controller can act on.

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3 steps control process

Spørgeskema kontrol med databehandler

Send Questionnaire

As a data controller, you submit a digital questionnaire prepared by ComplyCloud to the data processor

ComplyClouds spørgeskemaer og rapporter

Questionnaire is answered

The data processor receives the questionnaire and replies to it digitally, and ComplyCloud receives the answers

GDPR løsning færdig juridisk dokumentation

Receive analysis and report

ComplyCloud analyzes the answers and the data controller receives a report with the data processor's compliance level and recommendations

ISAE 3000 revisionserklæring GDPR

The service is based on

ISAE 3000

The service is based on the assurance report ISAE 3000, which FSR – Danish Auditors has prepared in collaboration with the Danish Data Protection Agency.
The service can assist data controllers with performing the necessary inspections of data processors. The purpose of the service is to provide assurance that data processors comply with the requirements of the GDPR and the agreed terms in the data processing agreements.

Read more about the assurance report ISAE 3000 here (in Danish).

Why keep control?

According to the Data protection Regulation, the data controller is obliged to keep control of its data processors and, as a data processor, to keep control of its sub-data processors.

This means ensuring that there is a data processing agreement between the parties and, in addition, making sure that the agreement are being complied with - including the fact that the data processor has implemented the agreed technical and organisational security measures.

Read more from the Danish supervisory authority here (in danish)

Spørgeskema GDPR Kontrol med databehandlere ComplyCloud software

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