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 ...with ComplyCloud's GDPR software that automatically prepare your documentation and remind you when it is time to carry out controls.

GDPR-løsning: Sæt din GDPR dokumentation på autopilot med ComplyCloud og bliv GDPR compliant


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”ComplyCloud certainly eases our every day lives. Both work related and economically. We know that everything is gathered in one place and that they make sure that we are always 100 % compliant with GDPR, both internally and externally."
&Partner er kunde hos ComplyCloud for at blive og forblive GDPR compliant
Casper Leise Andersson
Chief Digital Officer

Become GDPR-compliant easily

- We put your GDPR on autopilot

ComplyCloud’s tool creates and maintains GDPR documentation to make it easy for companies to become and to remain compliant. Our lawyers have done all the legal work and put all the compulsory controls into an automatized GDPR annual wheel. All you have to do is act on our reminders.

GDPR compliance is difficult. Our software makes it easy.


Get an overview of the company’s systems and personal data

Dynamic documents

Automatic generation of documents and agreements through questionnaires

Ongoing control

An automatized GDPR annual wheel sends you tasks when action is required

Law office

Lawyers specialized in compliance and personal data and security by an attorney liability insurance

Legal support

Legal support is included from our attorney team

Your legal advisor works 24/7

Behind ComplyCloud is a law team specialized in compliance and personal data. ComplyCloud is your legal advisor who works 24/7 with the proper processing of personal data. We create your complex, legal documents and remind you of your controls so you can remain compliant. Easy and safe.

All documents are made by completing simple questionnaires, and if the law changes, the software automatically updates the documents. All documentation is logged and archived, and you always have a full overview on your dashboard of the to do’s you need to implement in order to comply with the GDPR.

ComplyCloud's GDPR software og juridisk dokumentation
GDPR løsning: ComplyCloud's GDPR årshjul med løbende kontroller

Automatized GDPR annual wheel ensures your ongoing maintenance

As part of the GDPR, you must make ongoing control – of yourself as a company and of your data processors. That can be a time-consuming job. With ComplyCloud’s platform, you don’t have to set up to do’s and schedule tasks yourself. The software does it all for you. With ComplyCloud’s automatized annual wheel, which automatically sends tasks to users, the system automatically makes sure you remember your controls. In this way, you can be sure that your company will always be compliant.

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