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It does not have to be expensive, time consuming or bothering to comply with the GDPR. With an online solution that is easy to use you get all the documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR. ComplyCloud also updates your documents and assists with ongoing monitoring in order for you to stay compliant.

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GDPR made simple and easy

By clicking through simple questionaires ComplyCloud will generate all your GDPR-documents. You will get the finished documents that has been created by our software and algorithms produced by our lawyers and IT experts.

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You have the full overview and know what the next step is

Regular control

We make your regular control easy with reminders and documentation

Legal support

You have access to legal support from our associated law firm

Law Firm

ComplyCloud has an associated law firm as part of the solution

Legal support

You have access to legal support from our associated law firm

Law Firm

ComplyCloud has an associated law firm as part of the solution


You get optimal security through a professional liability insurance

Changes in legislation

We keep track of legislative changes and update documents automatically

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Your GDPR-lawyer 24/7

Online and simple

We have prepared text and content in our solution so we can deliver the right documentation for every company based on input from user questionnaire. This means that your company easily can make all your GDPR documents with legal support–with the same results as lawyers made them for you. Our software is exactly made to be your GDPR lawyer, and it is working for you 24/7 for a fixed, low price

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Law firm specializing in personal data

ComplyCloud is a solution that is developed and managed by an experienced and specialized IT lawyer that focuses on compliance and personal data. ComplyCloud is affiliated to CIT Law Firm, which deliver the advice and support. The services are therefore delivered by people with legal expertise and covered by lawyer's liability insurance.

We keep an eye on the law

The GDPR rules are still new, and changes and adaptions are bound to follow via new practices, guidelines, etc. We keep an eye out for changes, and the license includes an automatic update of all documents in the software for our clients. In this way you it is ensured that you always have updated documents with the terms and wording that the law requires and permits.

We help with your ongoing monitoring

The GDPR rules require an ongoing monitoring of the company and data processors. ComplyCloud makes this monitoring easy by reminding and creating the necessary audit reports, enabling our customers to make self assessments and data processor audits easily.

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