GDPR compliance

ComplyCloud creates and maintains your GDPR-documentation

With ComplyCloud you can always comply with the rules on personal data processing. You can easily create every legal GDPR-document by answering simple questionnaires, and we ensure to update your documents if the data protection agencies provide new guidance or practices. When documentation is created it will be operated and maintained with the help of an automatic annual cycle of work that sends ongoing reminders when action is needed from you. In this way you will become and stay compliant with the GDPR.


GDPR – simple and easy

There are no templates or empty forms to be filled. All the necessary GDPR-documents are created by clicking through simple questionnaires and following a to-do list. You will get finished documents where the legal assessments have been made by our specialists with lawyer and IT backgrounds.

Simple questionnaires

Documents are created by answering simple questionnaires

Continuous control

Continuous control is ensured with our GDPR-annual cycle of work that follows ISAE3000

Legal support

Legal support from our affiliated law firm is included


ComplyCloud har et tilknyttet advokatfirma som en del af sin løsning

Juridisk support

I har adgang til juridisk support fra vores tilknyttede advokatfirma

Law firm

We have an affiliated law firm that is a part of our solution


You get optimal safety under a lawyer's liability insurance

Changes to the legislation

We monitor changes to the law and automatically update documents





We help with your operation and maintenance of GDPR compliance

It is not enough to prepare GDPR documentation. Companies must continuously be able to document compliance by doing self-assessments and controls of data processors.
With our automatic GDPR-annual cycle of work you can be sure that you are complying with the law. We ensure your on-going control be giving you reminders to act on. You will, among other things, be asked to revise data processing agreements, do ongoing controls with internal processes and update policies and procedures. All is done via questionnaires that guide you through the process and logs your controls so that you can provide the documentation and control reports to the data protection agencies anytime. The controls are made on the basis of the audit report ISAE3000 that is in-line with the provisions of the GDPR.


Selected customers



Use ComplyCloud for your audit reports

With ComplyCloud it is far easier and cheaper for companies to make the ISAE3000 statement. Your use of our ISAE3000 mapping and documentation typically means saving 25-35% on the cost of a statement of assurance on ISAE3000 or 3402.

Control reports

Easily create control reports as a data processor for all the company’s customers and data controllers, which documents your compliance with ISAE3000

Prepare documentation

Prepare documentation easily for audits so all the control points in ISA3000 are ready for review by your accountants

Make self-assessments

Make self-assessments easily as a data controller by the ISAE3000 standard and all the underlying documentation



We have the documents ready for you. Simply answer questions in the questionnaires about your business and your processing of personal information, we will do the rest and you will have finished documents ready for you.

Are you a small or medium company?

ComplyCloud’s GDPR-tool is relevant for users on all levels—also for people with no legal background. We keep GDPR-documentation at a level where everyone can benefit.

ComplyCloud adapts to the industry of the company, which saves the company for unnecessary and redundant documentation.

Our offer of producing drafts for policies, records of processing activities, instructions and procedures have become quite popular amongst our smaller company customers as it is cheap and lessens their amount of work.

Are you a large company?

With ComplyCloud’s GDPR-tool we make it easy for large companies and concerns to handle documentation and control within a complex organisation.

It is possible to set up user rights in order for selected users to have a complete overview of all companies and to give other users different roles and powers in order to match the governance model of the organisation.

We offer implementation of already-prepared documentation in addition to the creation of records of processing activities and documents. We also offer workshops and training courses, including e-learning.

Special demands for documentation or processes are possible as part of the implementation.



Our prices are determined by company size and our standard solution has a starting price at 9.900 DDK. Our customer segment covers everything from small businesses, with less than 10 employees, to some of Denmark’s largest companies. We offer two different solutions.

Standard GDPR-compliance

The company itself completes the GDPR documentation via the simple questionnaires. There are no templates to be filled out and complex law is removed. You can quickly and easily prepare all necessary documentation.

Full GDPR solution

We offer a full GDPR solution, where we prepare the entire GDPR documentation for the company. We prepare all records of processing activities, documents and policies for you, in the same way a physical attorney would solve the task manually. The price is determined on the complexity of the company.

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